Jo Smartstore

Trial marks the point at which their decision to purchase might simply be the fitment, color, or an opinion away. Making multiple trips to the trial room can be exhausting. Enhance the customer experience at this moment of decision by giving choices in sizes, colors or styles. Enthrall your customers with the help of our cutting edge AI solution to envision themselves in different dresses and accessories without actually wearing them thereby tremendously increasing the likelihood to purchase. No More waiting for Trial Room Slots No More soiled dresses for the shop floor to fold and repack Create the trial experience with every dress in store, right in the middle of store floor.

How does it work?

JoSmartstore’s cutting edge AI solution creates on screen 3D avatar of customer wearing the selected dresses and accessories creating a trial room experience virtually. 3D models of products and accessories which the store sells are draped on to the 3D avatar of the customer displayed on screen. It enables consumers to checkout the selected products and accessory on their virtually created avatars. The customers avoid long queues, fitting challenges and the hassle of physically changing into multiple dresses. They can select items from the on screen menu and try on many dresses and accessories to their complete satisfaction without going back and forth.

Josmartstore Josmartstore
Personalized Experience and Engagement​
Personalized experiences are differentiated and standout. Stores can provide an experience so engaging that customers spend more time in store. Connect and provide a better, more attentive shopping experience.

Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Advocacy
Greater engagement from personalized shopping experience creates brand loyalty. Economic value results from the customer satisfaction arising out of differentiated experiences relevant to their individual needs.

Improve Store Management
The damage to the fabrics and products from repeated trials is eliminated. Customer saves time spent waiting in queues and instead can try many more items. Analytics of user behaviour helps in optimizing the inventory.

Social Media and Sharing
User-generated content not helps in establishing social proof for brands, but also underlines a more authentic brand image. Referrals are most likely to inform customers’ choices positively.

Content and Catalog Management
Analytics, tools and data from the Jo AI Store measures and improves content & catalog management system, inventory, sales team, visual merchandising, user behavior, loyalty programs etc.