About Jotter.Ai

Jotter. AI is an artificial intelligence company with the goal of building fully autonomous products using artificial intelligence for our customers and the world.


Jotter designs and develops deep learning solutions for Fashion and Apparel Marketplaces with primary focus on computer vision, natural language processing, voice recognition and machine learning.

The Vision and Mission of Jotter is to build and deliver AI enabled workflow management solutions to improve customer engagement, reduce cost and increase sales multifold.

Jotter.Ai designs and develops deep learning image processing solutions, using GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). We are one of the very few technology start-ups developing game changing digital fashion experience using Computer Vision & GAN.

Meet Our Team


Harini Boinipally

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Board Member


Hasini Boinipally

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Board Member

Madhavi Arelli is an accomplished software executive with over 12 years of proven executive experience driving product and solutions development in the technology industry. Madhavi is currently CEO at Jotter.ai an artificial intelligence product company founded in 2017, focused to design and develop AI-based innovative technology solutions using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Dynamic Algorithms to seamlessly integrate and automate time-consuming repetitive mundane tasks for the Fashion and Apparel industry. Before co-founding Jotter.ai, Madhavi was a solutions architect at Oracle India and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Madhavi Arelli

CEO & Co-Founder,
Board Member